reconlangmo2020 - part 1

I've been interested in languages, especially constructed languages, for years; but I've yet to actually get down to it and make one. Recently I heard (via Christine Dodrill) about a challenge on r/conlangs, so I figured I may as well give it a try.

introducing resi

resi ([ɹe.'sɨ]) means 'we speak'. The language will be pretty much entirely a priori, though I'll probably steal borrow interesting features from other languages. I'm mostly creating it for personal use, though it'll definitely find its way into other projects sooner or later.

Since the likely speakers are catlike, the sound system is shifted slightly back towards the throat vs English, and it completely lacks any bilabial sounds. I'll also be creating counting and writing systems for it.

Like I mentioned above, I'm creating resi as a personal language for writing notes, journals, art, etc; but mostly just as a fun project, and to get a better understanding of linguistics for future conlangs and related projects.

posted 2020.05.13